Daimler Art Collection in archaeological site

      After Singapore, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, one of the most important contemporary art collections in Europe, the DAIMLER ART COLLECTION leaded to Brescia the great exhibition “900 MAI VISTO. Albers to… Continua a leggere

Thomas Bayrle at Kunststation Sankt Peter

  Thomas Bayrle is the most representative pop-art artist in Germany. His exhibition ” KATOLISCH” took place at the Kunststaion, Cologne. In a dialogue between the artist and catholic faith, have been selected… Continua a leggere

The Aesthetica Exhibition 2014 – York Saint Mary

4 April – 22 June 2014 The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition features shortlisted works from artists in the following categories: Photographic and Digital Art; Three Dimensional Design and Sculpture; Painting and Drawing, and… Continua a leggere

Photographer Marc Bower Briggs paints Stonehenge with light

Photographer has turned Stonehenge into a technicolour light show using light painting. He uses various light tools to create stunning images for one of the world Heritage site: Stonehenge. Marc calls it “painting… Continua a leggere

Au Pantheon! An installation by JR

The Famous French Artist JR has just completed an Installation on an epic scale at  Pantheon, in Paris.  JR with his work More than 4000 black-and-white portraits, collected during month of March 2014,… Continua a leggere

Four tonnes of computer power supplies the nave of 11th century church York St Mary’s

               Susan Stockwell – Flood, York St. Mary’s, York, June 18 – October 31, 2010  It may come as a shock to find the medieval church soon… Continua a leggere

Salisbury Cathedral host sculptures made by Nicholas Pope

  Nicholas Pope’s Masterpiece The Apostles Speaking in Tongues Lit by Their Own Lamp has just been installed at Salisbury Cathedral. This work is a grouping of 33  terracotta figures which represent a… Continua a leggere

The temple of Haeinsa, an ancient shrine on a mountain is playing host to a contemporary art show

A South Korean Buddish temple is playing host to a contemporary art show, in an effort to throw a new perspective to the ancient religion and the age-old surroundings.

Antinoo. Il fascino della bellezza

Self portrait as Hemperor Adrian Loving Antinous by Francesco Vezzoli is showed in the exhibition “Antinoo. Il fascino della bellezza” inside villa Adraina, Tivoli, Rome. The artist personifies Hemperor Adrian looking Antinous. Gianfranco… Continua a leggere

Sulla Tradizione – T. W. Adorno

Mentre dal punto di vista soggettivo la tradizione è logora o ideologicamente guasta, dal punto di vista oggettivo la storia continua ad avere potere su tutto ciò che esiste e che da essa… Continua a leggere